Dumping The Human Doing Addiction

By Karen Hasselo

Are you a special needs Mom who is fulfilling the role of a Human Doing? Do you find yourself...

             Rushing and racing from task to task, all in an effort to keep all the balls in the air?

             Stressed and overwhelmed much of the time?

             Focused upon what you haven't done, instead of what you have done?

             Focused upon problems,  preventing calamities and securing specific outcomes?

             Caught up in fulfilling obligations, duties, requirements and expectations?

             Experiencing frenzied and scattered energy?

             Tossing and turning at night because you can't shut off your overactive brain?

             Telling yourself much of the time that more efforting is the answer?

             Thinking so much about the future that you miss special moments that are unfolding
              in the present?

            Working harder to  control other people's responses, other environments and even your
             child's response to his circumstance?

If you relate to the above Human Doing List, know that it is no longer necessary or advisable for your ego to push you into addictive maneuvers, while exhausting your mind, body and soul in the process.

As a special needs Mom, do you realistically have a lot to accomplish? Yes. Do you face decision fatigue? Yes. Do you feel the weight and import of the decisions you are facing on behalf of your child? Of course you do. Is the addiction to Human Doing the most ideal way to navigate motherhood? No, it isn't.

Because I've been a Special Needs Mom for almost 25 years, I've put in my miles paddling my canoe against the raging rapids of the river. That approach life my body beached on the sidelines with adrenal exhaustion and a host of chronic health challenges.

Now I recognize that over the long haul, diving into unnecessary self-sacrifice is not the answer. In order to fully support your children so that they may flourish, consider identifying more as a Human Being.

  • Are you grounded and present in your life?

  • Do you meditate daily, even if for a few short minutes, in order to quiet the 50,000 fear-based thoughts that are potentially running through your mind?

  • Do you consciously activate the Law of Manifestation, which underpins the creation process; Being, Doing and Having. The Doing and the Having are a natural outgrowth of the Being.

  • Do you value yourself just because you are a drop in the ocean of humanity?

  • Have you resigned from earning love, validation and grace?

  • Do you honor your mother intuition as your most reliable GPS?
  • Do you approach your parenting odyssey by assigning your own unique meaning to your experiences?

  • Do you believe that you live in a loving Universe that continually conspires to make your and your child's dreams come true?

  • Do you show up for yourself on a consistent basis by valuing your own wants, needs, and desires?

In order to connect with your true and unique essence, give yourself permission to slow down. Notice the daily synchronicities and bountiful blessings that are right in front of you.

Take your blinders off and truly and deeply appreciate yourself first and foremost... knowing that you are valuable just because you exist.

You are not required to earn anything from anyone.

Now take a moment to see the child in front of you, minus their struggles. Look with your heart and you will see a powerfully Divine child -- one who has chosen to walk beside you for the evolution of both of your souls.

Now exhale and know that all is well. 

As Louise Hay said, "Everything I need to know is revealed to me. Everything I need comes to me. All is well in my life."

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