Sacred Soul Contracts And Consciously Awakened Relationships With Special Needs Children By Karen Hasselo

Sacred Soul Contracts And Consciously Awakened Relationships With Special Needs Children
By Karen Hasselo
Doyou believe that your child's soul chose you to fulfill the impactful and uplifting role as mother in this lifetime? I wholeheartedly believe that a sacred soul contract exists between mothers and their special needs children. You are your child's spiritual companion through life, and as such, you are here to support your child in reaching his or her highest potential in this lifetime. Understanding the sacred nature of your contract underscores the fact that both of your souls have chosen an outline for your spiritual curriculum, your physical suit and your overarching mission for this lifetime. All of these choices have been made via the soul's free will in a loving multiverse. Your children have wisely determined that taking on the challenges associated with their special needs would serve the overall purposes of the Higher Self and the soul's evolutionary prog…
The Gift of Human Design
By Karen Hasselo
An important element of sustaining resiliency in the face of your children's challenges is learning to understand how to capitalize on your own energy design. Human Design offers you an incredible shortcut to understanding your energy map. It's as though you have been handed the cliff notes for the novel of your life.
Human Design is an uncannily accurate personality assessment tool that offers you a visual representation of your energy system. Based upon your birth details, you receive a visual representation of your energy map, called a Body Graph. This body graph shows you a concrete way to understand your strengths, your potential weaknesses, your gifts and talents and your overarching purpose for incarnating on this planet at this time.
Human Design is the synthesis of Eastern and Western Astrology, the Kabbalah tree of life, the Hindu Chakra System and Quantum Physics. The sum of its five parts is imbued with a powerful synergy, gre…
Integrating Loss In The Midst of Parenting Children with Autism
By Karen Hasselo
I am not convinced that "simple loss" exists. However, for those of you who are parenting children with autism, your experience of loss can feel like a never-ending bottomless pit of sorrow that is continually reactivated. Expected milestones, holidays, family rituals, and simple everyday activities can trigger your tandem losses and your feelings of isolation. Even a simple outing to the grocery store can evoke feelings of pain around your decimated parenting dreams.
In 2009, researchers at the University of Wisconsin found that mothers parenting teens with autism had stress levels that were comparable to combat veterans. While you are in the midst of crisis management, you may find it quite challenging to process and release your feelings of sorrow. I know that I did. You may find yourself living in survival mode and your ego may push you to minimize or discount your own self-care needs. Who ha…
Dumping The Human Doing Addiction
By Karen Hasselo
Are you a special needs Mom who is fulfilling the role of a Human Doing? Do you find yourself...
             Rushing and racing from task to task, all in an effort to keep all the balls in the air?

             Stressed and overwhelmed much of the time?

             Focused upon what you haven't done, instead of what you have done?

             Focused upon problems,  preventing calamities and securing specific outcomes?

             Caught up in fulfilling obligations, duties, requirements and expectations?

             Experiencing frenzied and scattered energy?

             Tossing and turning at night because you can't shut off your overactive brain?

             Telling yourself much of the time that more efforting is the answer?

             Thinking so much about the future that you miss special moments that are unfolding
              in the present?

            Working harder to  control other people's responses, …
Getting Off The Merry Go Round Of Martyrdom
By Karen Hasselo
Beth Berry recently wrote a blog entitled, "Dear Mothers: We Can't Keep Pretending This Is Working For Us." Ms. Berry actually climbs out on a limb and declares that modern day American mothers  are oppressed! 
She asserts that the expectations for mothers have gone beyond exceedingly high and have crossed over into unreachable and unrealistic.  She notes that mothers themselves are complicit in this scheme because we have decided to invest in the noble struggle in order to preserve our identity as "good mothers."
And Mrs. Berry isn't even focused upon special needs mothering. In today's world, more often than not, you are expected to take the sole lead in caring for your child with special needs in your home.  You are sometimes the only voice speaking on your child's behalf. You are placed in the position to roll up your sleeves throughout all the developmental phases and do the extensive …