Sacred Soul Contracts And Consciously Awakened Relationships With Special Needs Children By Karen Hasselo

Sacred Soul Contracts And Consciously Awakened Relationships With Special Needs Children

By Karen Hasselo

Do you believe that your child's soul chose you to fulfill the impactful and uplifting role as mother in this lifetime? I wholeheartedly believe that a sacred soul contract exists between mothers and their special needs children. You are your child's spiritual companion through life, and as such, you are here to support your child in reaching his or her highest potential in this lifetime. Understanding the sacred nature of your contract underscores the fact that both of your souls have chosen an outline for your spiritual curriculum, your physical suit and your overarching mission for this lifetime. All of these choices have been made via the soul's free will in a loving multiverse. Your children have wisely determined that taking on the challenges associated with their special needs would serve the overall purposes of the Higher Self and the soul's evolutionary progression. Similarly, your soul has also decided that fulfilling the role of mother would enhance your soul's spiritual expansion.

Even if you don't subscribe to the idea that you and your child's souls have formed a contract prior to incarnating, you can subscribe to the idea that you are being offered the opportunity to enter into a spiritual partnerships as equals, for the purpose of both parties spiritual growth and evolution. Parenting a special needs child is a tall order that hurls you out of your comfort zone and offers you the opportunity to shed your fear-based conditioning and step into your authentic power. When you view your relationship as a spiritual one, you recognize that all of your parenting experiences create the perfect spiritual soup for growth, mastery and the attainment of wisdom.

Characteristics Of An Awakened Spiritual Relationship

It provides ongoing and heightened opportunities to live consciously by design.

It recognizes that both parties are equal and unique manifestation of Divinity.

It provides a partnership where both parties have the opportunity to awaken spiritually and evolve much more quickly due to the special synergy that is created by two souls forming a spiritual alliance.

It provides a framework for leaving behind stereotypical roles that were previously fulfilled for means of survival.

It is based upon a covenant that operates with the highest degree of truth and integrity.

It offers a space of safety where both parties can share and process their healing feelings.

The mother/child relationship is always mirroring back both the magnificence and the disowned parts of each other that your egos have judged as unacceptable.

"Spiritual relationships are the closest thing to heaven that you can experience on earth." 
Hu Dalconzo

Your children prompt you to remember that, "you are in this world but not of this world." They push you into the realization that you are first and foremost a spiritual being who is playing out a human experience. With that understanding in place, you can come back to the remembrance that you are not at your essence the roles you are fulfilling here, i.e., you are not a sister, child, employee, friend, wife and even mother to your beautiful light bringer. Your role as special needs Mom typically has the most seductive pull of all! This is the role that puts you in jeopardy of attaching your worth, value and identity to a set of arbitrary behavioral performance standards for mothering.  Let's face it -- it's so much easer to feel uplifted when your children flourish. When your children struggle, it's so easy to fall down into the rabbit hole of fear, guilt, grief and despondency because your ego is condemning you for falling short of accomplishing an idealized version of your parenting role. Any time your ego enmeshes your worth, value, and identity to the ups and downs of the roller coaster ride, it has led you astray.

As  you embrace the knowledge that your children are here to teach you, every bit if not more than you are here to teach them, it will help you begin to gradually dis-identify with the seductive role of mothering. Your children are here, in part, to help you learn to transcend everything that goes along with ego-identification illness. Some of your children have opted out of the achievement "rat race"  and the societal rewards for doing so, and therefore, they highlight for you the most essential cornerstone of life... in a word, LOVE! As spiritual teachers, they underscore the emptiness attached to garnering things outside of ourselves. They teach all of us that having more, doing more and being more is not the path toward a consciously awakened life! Your children ask you to answer the following question: how can you embody more love and transmit more love through every interaction that you encounter? 

Some of your children are not here to be molded. No matter how you parent them, they stubbornly adhere to their own values and perspectives on life. They are formidable change agents who came here to overhaul the ways things have always been done in societal institutions. They invariably dance to their own songs, as you are left trying to follow their steps, without being able to hear their music playing in the background. 

Forming an awakened spiritual relationship with your child is not necessarily easy. However, the benefits of doing so are numerous. Via the creation of a spiritual partnership with your child, you establish a foundation overflowing with love, laughter and compassion, that is built on honesty and trust. You empower yourself to be emotionally vulnerable, emotionally intimate and honest with yourself, so that you can personify those traits on behalf of your child. You no longer participate in a facade that propagates the virtuous, idealized, self-sacrificing mother who consciously denies herself. Instead, you burst open your heart chakra and live by your own set of standards; you engage in activities that are high vibe for you! 

You commit yourself to a consistent practice of examining your own behavioral motivations. To the greatest degree possible, you courageously model ownership for your less than perfect behaviors. You then model your willingness to take a deep dive into discovering the root causes of the energetic disruptions. When your Ego-mind has you lost in reacting rather than responding, you recognize that it is not about your child's behavior. Rather, it's a call for you to come to terms with some unhealed aspect inside of yourself that is demanding to be seen, felt, heard and released. By validating the truth about your own buried wounds and then releasing your pain, you will be clearing unhealthy trans-generational patterns that are no longer serving your family line. Your children invariably serve as the catalysts for the establishment of new growth on your family tree. 

If you are interested in learning more about communication tools that can support you in creating a consciously awakened relationship with your child, please email me at spiritfirstcoaching@gmail and head the email, Responsibility Communication Nutshell. A Nutshell is reminiscent of an old fashioned flashcard with the core summary points included.


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